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Gold on the Breeze

A bouquet of Cala Lilies made from Mahogany, Rosewood, figured Anigre, Figured Sycamore, Cherrywood veneers, and embellished with wood burning and gold leaf details.

Succulent Bloom

"Succulent Bloom" is created from walnut, sycamore, figured maple, and figured anigre, displays a vibrant cluster of Echeveria in full bloom.

Succulents In Bold

"Succulents In Bold" presents a captivating design with succulent plants depicted using dyed veneers in hues of blue, green, and black, set against a backdrop of walnut and sycamore.

Orchids in Daylight

"Orchids in Daylight" is a marquetry piece measuring 18" x 18" x 1/2", showcasing the fragile elegance of orchids intertwined with bamboo inspired by the art of Sumi-e.

Cacti Garden

I have always loved the odd growth formations of cacti. It was a fun challenge to represent them with an organic medium like wood.