When It All Goes Wrong

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You know that moment that you realize you didn’t take your own good advice….

So I mentioned before that often different lacquer brand/types don’t play nice… Well, the story goes like this. I was digging through the garage and found a spray can of lacquer but it was a different brand then the one I had been using(and am waiting to be restocked in stores). I figured I wouldn’t have bought a brand that didn’t play nice with other brands. Why would I do that? So I tested one clip to be sure. It seemed to work just fine! Yay! So I sprayed the other 4… and 20 minutes later when I checked on them, this cloudy mess is what I found. If I could have kicked myself, I would have.

Moral of all of this: if you give yourself good advice, and you know you are right, don’t talk yourself out of listening or rationalize an alternative!!!!

I may be able to salvage the clips but I’m not hopeful. *tear*