New Pieces at Bay 1 Gallery

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I have delivered some fresh, new pendants and hair clips to the Bay 1 Gallery here in Edmonton, including some of my most recently released pendants. You can head over to see some of my new works on display in person.

Bay 1 Gallery’s annual “Box show” is also running for the next couple of weeks. Each year the boxes and makers that join their show continue to leave an impression on the community with their incredible designs and detailed skill. this year over 10 different exceptionally talented Alberta woodworkers and artisans sharing their bespoke designs of useable, functional pieces of art. There is so many talented artists and craftsman contained in this wonderful gallery!

I still have pendants and hair clips available on my website, so feel free to browse my collection, and if a piece you have fallen in love with happens to be on display at the gallery, send me an email and we will try to work something out!