Extra Floral Details

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Besides a few touch up, the new pendants are complete beside hanging them on the bails and chains.

Aside from that though, I decided to add a few floral touches to a small number of the pendants. For this process, I began with burning in a hand drawn floral design before applying the lacquer finish. Once the designs were burnt in, I sprayed a few coats to seal the wood and then proceeded to apply the gold leaf on top of the burnt in details. As a result of the burning process, there is a slight groove in the wood grain, so it conveniently allows the gold leaf so follow this groove, making my life a lot easier!

The floral designs added were inspired from a few different places. One of the most enjoyable was a brainstorming session I had with my daughter. We came up with several lovely ideas and I used a couple on these pendants!

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