Frequently Asked Questions

What is marquetry?

Marquetry is an ancient form of art made using thin slices of wood called veneer.  Small pieces of veneer are cut from larger sheets and assembled to form an image.  A related technique, known as parquetry, is used to make geometric patterns that may be found on tabletops and game boards.

Natasha discovered marquetry while in college studying furniture design.  She fell in love with the art form and how expressive it can be.  She has used marquetry for artwork as small as a watch face and as large as a 14’ mural.

What is pyrography?

Pyrography is the formal name for a form of art made from burning wood.  Modern pyrography is done with an electrically heated stylus.  Different tips attached to the stylus allow the artist to vary shading, intensity and level of detail in a similar way to how a painter may use different sizes of brushes or a pencil artist may use a variety of leads.

Natasha often uses pyrography to complement the natural grain of wood, adding complex shading and texture to her artwork.

How do I care for a piece of marquetry?

Marquetry is a finished wood surface. Periodic care, appropriate to the climate where you live, will help the piece last for a very long time and maintain its finish.

For waxed pieces, reapplying wood wax or polish annually will help maintain the artwork.

How is marquetry hung?

In general, marquetry is hung like any painting. Natasha’s pieces come with anchors securely mounted into the back of the piece. Picture hanging wire, picture anchors and gallery-style mounting devices are compatible.

How long does it take to complete a piece?

Similar to painting, large, complex pieces can take 50 to 100 hours of time, often spread over a few months. They are a labor of love and patience. Smaller pieces may take several hours and can be finished in a week or so.

Do you take commissions?

Yes, depending on the project and her own art. Natasha has done several commissions for other artists who wanted to include her marquetry in their work. A number of her pieces have also been client-requested commissions.

When she takes on a project, depending on a its requirements, she will work on sketches to share some ideas with the client. Once a sketch is agreed upon, it will be inked and finished. Marquetry has an involved art process and there may be a significant amount of time between when a piece is commissioned and when it is completed.

Will sunlight affect the artwork?

Often, exposure to the sun will bring out natural tones and colors in the wood, creating a richer and deeper expression of the art over many years. Of course, UV exposure will affect the finish and so more regular maintenance of the wood finish may be required.

Can marquetry be installed outside?

Yes, if finished for exterior display. Natasha has completed large scale outdoor murals that are displayed on a client’s house. Like any exterior wood, marquetry will require regular maintenance to limit damage from weathering and over-exposure to the sun.