Artist Biography

Natasha Lay

Natasha is an artist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  She received formal training in designing functional art, especially fine furniture, and through that experience developed a love of marquetry.  Her palette includes wood species from all over the world – some you have heard of and many that you probably haven’t.

Primarily using wood as media, Natasha creates pieces by carefully selecting portions where the grain, texture, colour, and pattern all come together to create the unique effect needed for the space.  Each piece is an assembly of these individually chosen fragments.  Because her media was once alive, every element has its own irreplaceable characteristics.  Time, sunshine and the lighting of the space all work together to enrich the details in the wood and the piece as it is displayed.

When she is not in her studio, Natasha enjoys time with her family, traveling, and spending time in the Rockies – although her sketchbook is rarely out-of-reach.