Available Artwork


Khari-bulbul is the Azerbaijani name for an orchid (Ophrys caucasica) native to the Karabakh region that overlaps Armenia and Azerbaijan.


This piece uses the natural motion of the wood grain to emulate the peace and serenity that playing music can create.  Play evokes the emotion of listening to a private outdoor performance.

Gold Leaf Octopus

Octopus are masters of camouflage. This piece was designed to create the illusion of an octopus blending into the background as you move around the piece.

Chisai Hana

Chisai Hana means "tiny flowers." The charm of this piece is the subtle flowers going across the bottom of the kimono as well as the left sleeve. It invites one to look at the fine detail closer.

Kumo to Sagiri

Kumo to Sagiri means "clouds and mist." Feel like you are looking into a scene from early morning, where the mist has not yet dissipated and the clouds are low.


Kotan means "elegant simplicity." By keeping the design simple, the gorgeous wood speaks for itself.


Sensu means "folding fan," and refers to the small fans decorating the kimono. Each tiny fan is made of a different wood type, bringing depth to the piece.


Soujun means "early spring." This kimono celebrates the blossoms that announce the early spring.

Cacti Garden

I have always loved the odd growth formations of cacti. It was a fun challenge to represent them with an organic medium like wood.