Walk In The Rain

Walk In The Rain


A woman walking through the rain with a red and cream umbrella.


Walk In The Rain is a marquetry art piece and part of Natasha's Geishas series.

This piece was inspired by tradition Japanese woodblock prints. It features a woman braving a rain storm with her red and cream-coloured umbrella.  The background wood was specifically selected for the grain direction which creates a feeling of wind and rain.

The background is figured anigre.  The umbrella uses both red dyed maple and figured sycamore. The kimono is walnut and cherrywood.  and The bamboo leaves are Walnut.  The piece is framed in solid mahogany.

Mounting hardware is pre-installed on the back of the piece to enable it to be hung on a wall.


12.5" x 18" x 0.5"