Ubax Qurux Badan

Ubax Qurux Badan


Ubax qurux badan means "beautiful flower" in Somali.

This piece is made from sapele and walnut burl wood veneer with a delicate edge of gold leaf. It's dimensions are 10” x 12” x 1/2”.



Creating "Ubax Qurux Badan" was a journey into the beauty and cultural richness of Somali heritage. I was deeply inspired by the elegance and simplicity of the traditional dress worn by Somali women, which led me to name this piece "Beautiful Flower" in Somali.

Working with walnut burl and sapele woods presented significant challenges due to their unique textures. Walnut burl has a crumbly and dry nature. As a result, it required meticulous attention to detail. Sapele, known for its tendency to splinter, demanded careful handling. Despite these challenges, I chose these woods for their warm and rich textures, which I felt would bring depth and vibrancy to the portrait.

One of the most satisfying aspects of this project was seeing how the warm glow of the wood enhanced the beauty of the traditional attire. The intricate patterns and the gold foil edging added a layer of sophistication and highlighted the craftsmanship involved. Each element of the portrait was carefully considered to convey a sense of harmony and respect for the subject matter.

My inspiration also stemmed from a desire to honor and celebrate women from different cultures. Reading about Somali culture and its strong, resilient women made me want to capture that essence in my work. The traditional dress, with its flowing lines and graceful presence, seemed the perfect subject to express this admiration.

In "Ubax Qurux Badan," I aimed to go beyond mere representation. I wanted to create a piece that resonated with the viewer on a deeper level, evoking a sense of cultural appreciation and beauty. Through this artwork, I hope to share a glimpse of the rich traditions and the incredible stories of women around the world, celebrating their diversity and strength.

This piece is part of my Portraits collection.

  • Walnut
  • Sapele

10" x 12" x 0.5"