Succulents In Bold

Succulents In Bold


"Succulents In Bold" presents a captivating design with succulent plants depicted using dyed veneers in hues of blue, green, and black, set against a backdrop of walnut and sycamore.



Dimensions: Approx. 12”H x 14 5/16”W

Materials: Walnut and Sycamore background, with figured Maple, and blue, various greens, and black dyed veneer, and embellished with wood burning. Edged with gold leaf.

"Succulents In Bold" features a striking design of succulent plants rendered with dyed veneers in shades of blue, green, and black against a background of walnut and sycamore. The bold outlines, inspired by marker sketches drawn with my daughter, give the piece a modern and graphic quality. Wood burning adds texture, and the edges are finished with gold leaf, enhancing the visual richness and depth.

The playful and creative time with my daughter influenced the artwork's distinctive graphic style, with striking, vibrant colors and clear, defined edges that evoke a sense of both modernity and nature's intricate beauty. The use of dyed veneers and wood burning techniques further enhances the piece's texture and depth, while gold leaf edging adds a touch of elegance.

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  • Dyed Maple
  • Figured Sycamore
  • Walnut