Steep and Tweets - Chickadee Original Art

Steep and Tweets - Chickadee Original Art


This cheeky Chickadee is done in ink and markers. Dimensions are 6" x 8 1/4". It is part of my Steeps and Tweets series.


"Steeps and Tweets - Chickadee" is a charming ink and marker illustration measuring 6" x 8 1/4". This artwork, part of the "Steeps and Tweets" series, captures a cheeky Chickadee in delightful detail. The piece radiates a sense of whimsy and joy, reflecting my personal experiences and deep appreciation for these lively little birds.

I found inspiration for this piece comes from my own enchanting encounters with Chickadees, including the memorable experience of feeding them by hand. This intimate interaction is evident in the piece’s lifelike representation and the bird’s engaging expression. The detailed plumage and the bird’s playful pose showcases my efforts to infuse my work with personality and charm.

The choice of ink and markers allows for crisp lines and vibrant colors, bringing the Chickadee to life against a simple background. This technique highlights the bird’s distinctive features, such as its black cap and bib, along with its bright, expressive eyes.

My "Steeps and Tweets" series is a celebration of the beauty and wonder of birds, encouraging viewers to appreciate the small, delightful moments in nature. Through my art, I invite viewers to see the world with a sense of curiosity and joy, much like the Chickadees so lovingly portrayed.

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