Red Henna

Red Henna


Approximately 3.75" x 2" in dimension. It uses red dyed veneers, and is embellished with pyrography and gold foil. Sealed with lacquer.



"Red Henna" is a captivating hair piece that merges intricate design with the rich, warm tones of red dyed veneer. The clip features detailed patterns reminiscent of traditional henna designs, carefully burned into the wood to create a stunning visual effect. The wood's bold hues add depth and warmth, complementing the elaborate patterns beautifully. While the gold leaf edging and detailing highlight the floral designs on the piece.

When I created the "Red Henna" hair clip, I drew inspiration from the intricate art of henna. Henna designs fascinate me with their detailed, flowing patterns that tell stories and celebrate beauty. I wanted to capture that essence in this hair clip, using the bold red dyed wood as my canvas.

The detailed patterns on the clip are carefully crafted to evoke the delicate and complex designs of henna art. Each line and curve is intentional, adding to the overall harmony and balance of the piece. The warm, reddish tones of the redwood enhance these patterns, creating a sense of depth and richness that is both eye-catching and sophisticated.

Creating "Red Henna" was about celebrating the intersection of cultural art and natural materials. I aimed to highlight the beauty of bold color and the elegance of henna designs in a way that feels both timeless and contemporary. This hair clip is for those who appreciate detailed craftsmanship and the rich stories told through traditional art forms.

"Red Henna" is a piece that honors the artistry of henna and the unique character of wood veneer, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any look. Through this design, I wanted to create an accessory that is both a celebration of traditional arts on a canvas of natural beauty.

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