Pua ma'o hau hele

Pua ma'o hau hele


Pua ma'o hau hele is the Hawaiian word for yellow hibiscus.



Pua ma'o hau hele – "Yellow Hibiscus" (Hawaiian) – is a marquetry art piece and is part of Natasha's Portraits collection.

The background of figured sycamore is in high contrast to the mahogany portrait.  Mahogany tends to splinter, which made the fine curves on the necklace a significant technical challenge. The entire piece is edged in gold foil to create a framing effect.

This piece is a deviation from the strict profile perspective found in the rest of the Portrait collection.  Natasha explains why:

"This portrait captures her in motion, mid-dance.  Shifting her gaze creates the sensation of movement and a dynamic feel that I could not have represented the same way with a strict profile."

  • Figured Sycamore
  • Mahogany

9" x 17" x 0.5"