Movingui Stripes

Movingui Stripes


Approximately 4" x 2" in dimension. Uses Sycamore and Movingui veneer, and embellished with gold foil. Sealed with lacquer.



"Movingui Stripes" is a captivating piece that showcases the natural beauty of the Movingui wood. The design features sleek, horizontal stripes inspired by those of Zebras, that highlight the wood's rich, golden hues and unique grain patterns. Each stripe is meticulously crafted, creating a harmonious blend of texture and color that is both striking and elegant.

When I created "Movingui Stripes," my inspiration came from the inherent beauty of the Movingui wood itself. I was fascinated by the way its natural patterns and colors evoke a sense of warmth and sophistication. The golden tones of the wood remind me of sunlight streaming through a grass plain, casting dappled shadows on the ground. This connection to nature is something I wanted to preserve and emphasize in the hair clip.

The simplicity of the striped design allows the natural beauty of the wood to take center stage. I wanted to create a piece that felt both modern and timeless, something that could be worn with a variety of styles and still stand out as a unique accessory. The clean lines and organic patterns of the Movingui wood achieve this balance perfectly.

In making "Movingui Stripes," I aimed to celebrate the elegance found in natural materials. This hair clip is a tribute to such beautiful wood and a reflection of my admiration for the natural world's artistry. My hope is that wearing this piece brings a touch of nature's beauty into everyday life, reminding us of the simple yet profound elegance that surrounds us.

This piece is available at Bay 1 Gallery.

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