A Moment Original Art

A Moment Original Art


A study of a traditional Japanese Geisha done in graphite pencil. Dimensions are 9" x 11 1/2".



"A Moment" is a 9" x 11.5" graphite pencil illustration that captures a woman in a traditional Japanese kimono, sitting serenely and reflecting in a quiet moment. The details emphasizes the tranquil and introspective expression on her face, suggesting a deep sense of calm and peace.

My inspiration for this piece stems from the beauty of simple, contemplative moments often celebrated in Japanese culture and art. The kimono, a symbol of grace and tradition, adds cultural depth to the piece. My choice to depict such a quiet and personal moment reflects an appreciation for the subtlety and elegance inherent in everyday life. The detailed rendering of the kimono’s fabric and the delicate features of the woman were both challenging and exciting to try to capture in such intricate detail and emotion.

This piece invites viewers to pause and appreciate the quiet beauty in life’s fleeting moments, resonating with themes of mindfulness and presence.

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