Micro Orchid

Micro Orchid


Approximately 2.25" x 1.5". Made of Sycamore and various dyed veneers, and embellished with wood burning and gold leaf. 24" Chain and bail are gold plated.



The "Micro Orchid" pendant is a delicate piece of wood marquetry that beautifully captures the elegance of a small orchid. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pendant features a finely inlaid design of an orchid blossom. The rich tones of the wood are enhanced by the intricate marquetry work, showcasing the natural beauty and subtle color variations of the materials. The pendant’s smooth finish and petite size make it a perfect, understated accessory that highlights the sophistication of natural forms.

When I created the "Micro Orchid" pendant, I was inspired by the graceful and exotic beauty of orchids. The intricate shapes and vibrant colors of these unique flowers are fascinating, and I wanted to capture their delicate elegance in a piece of wearable art. The orchid symbolizes refinement and beauty, making it an ideal subject for a piece that aims to bring a touch of nature’s elegance into everyday life.

Through marquetry I am able to explore the interplay of different wood tones and grains, creating a detailed and textured representation of the orchid. The process of inlaying tiny pieces of wood to form the orchid design was both challenging and rewarding, requiring precision and a deep appreciation for the material. The result is a pendant that feels both organic and sophisticated, with the natural beauty of the wood complementing the delicate form of the orchid.

In designing this pendant, I focused on achieving a balance between simplicity and detail. The orchid design is intricate yet subtle, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to remain the focal point. The pendant’s small size adds to its charm, making it a perfect accessory for those who appreciate finely crafted, nature-inspired jewelry.

Creating the "Micro Orchid" pendant was about more than just capturing the beauty of a flower; it was about celebrating the intricate and timeless beauty of orchids and a reminder of the elegance that can be found in nature. By wearing this pendant, I hope to inspire others to appreciate the delicate beauty of the natural world.

I hope that wearing the "Micro Orchid" pendant brings a sense of grace and connection to the natural world. It’s a piece that celebrates the unique beauty of orchids and is perfect for those who appreciate nature-inspired accessories. Through this pendant, I aimed to create an accessory that is both distinctive and evocative, capturing the essence of an orchid in a wearable form.

This piece is available at Bay 1 Gallery.

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