Mei Hua

Mei Hua


Mei hua, or "plum blossom," is the national flower of China.

This piece is made from walnut burl and figured sycamore wood veneer. It's dimensions are 16" x 20" x 1/2”.



Creating "Mei Hua," or "Plum Blossom," was an intricate and deeply satisfying endeavor. Inspired by the national flower of China, I aimed to capture its delicate beauty and resilience. This piece features a silhouette cameo with a walnut burl background and a profile made of figured sycamore. The walnut burl's rich, varied texture provides a striking contrast to the lighter sycamore, enhancing the portrait's details.

When I first sketched "Mei Hua" years ago, my marquetry skills were not yet refined enough to tackle its complexity. However, with improved techniques, I revisited the design and brought it to life. The fine pieces of sycamore used in the portrait, many of which are mere slivers, required meticulous attention and precision. Working with walnut burl was particularly challenging due to its tendency to crumble, demanding extra reinforcement during the process. Despite these difficulties, the final piece exudes depth and elegance, making the effort worthwhile.

My inspiration came from both the plum blossom itself and my admiration for Chinese culture. The plum blossom symbolizes perseverance and hope, blossoming even in the harshest winters. I wanted to convey these qualities through my artwork, celebrating not only the flower's beauty but also its enduring spirit.

"Mei Hua" is a testament to my growth as an artist and my dedication to capturing the essence of my subjects. The blend of materials and the complexity of the design reflect a harmonious balance between nature and craftsmanship. Through this piece, I hope to share a moment of serene beauty and cultural appreciation with the viewer.

This piece is part of my Portraits collection.

  • Figured Sycamore
  • Walnut

16" x 20"