Light It Up - Oak Original Art

Light It Up - Oak Original Art


An abstract lightbulb with oak branches and acorns done in black ink and pencil crayon. Dimensions are approximately 6" x 8 1/4". It is part of my Light It Up series.



"Light It Up - Oak" is a piece from my "Light It Up" series, featuring a lightbulb intertwined with oak branches and acorns. The artwork, rendered in black ink and pencil crayon, measures approximately 6" x 8 1/4". The use of oak branches and acorns adds a layer of symbolism to the artwork. Oaks are often associated with wisdom, endurance, and stability, while acorns represent potential and new beginnings. This duality enhances the piece's narrative, suggesting a harmonious blend of fragility and resilience.

My inspiration for this piece comes out of an appreciation for elements that brighten my day, symbolizing light, growth, and strength. By incorporating natural motifs such as oak branches, known for their robustness and longevity, I was able to juxtaposes the fragility of the lightbulb with the enduring strength of nature.

The choice of black ink and pencil crayon emphasizes the intricate details and textures of the oak branches and acorns, creating a visually striking contrast against the smooth surface of the lightbulb. This technique reinforces the thematic elements of light and nature, making "Light It Up - Oak" a compelling piece that invites viewers to reflect on the interplay between natural and man-made elements.

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