Lacewood Drop Gold II

Lacewood Drop Gold II


Approximately 2" x 1". The pendant is made of Lacewood, backed with Maple and embellished with gold leaf. The 16" Chain and bail are gold plated. This piece is an elegant addition to any jewelry collection.



"Lacewood Drop Gold II" is a striking piece that beautifully showcases the unique patterns of lacewood, highlighted by a simple yet elegant gold leaf trim. The pendant features a smooth, teardrop shape, which accentuates the intricate, lace-like grain of the wood, with delicate gold running gracefully along its edge. The polished finish enhances the wood’s natural luster, making the gold inlay stand out beautifully.

When I created the "Lacewood Drop Gold II," I drew inspiration from the mesmerizing patterns found in lacewood. The wood’s natural, lace-like grain has always captivated me, and I wanted to highlight this unique feature in a design that feels both refined and organic. The teardrop shape was chosen to complement the flowing lines of the lacewood grain, creating a harmonious and elegant look.

The gold leaf adds a touch of sophistication and luxury, contrasting beautifully with the warm tones and detailed patterns of the lacewood. The simplicity of the gold line allows the natural beauty of the wood to take center stage, while still adding a modern, refined element to the piece.

In designing this pendant, my focus was on celebrating the natural beauty of lacewood and the elegance of minimalist design. The combination of these elements creates a piece that feels both timeless and contemporary. I aimed to highlight the unique patterns of the lacewood, making it the focal point of the pendant.

Creating the "Lacewood Drop Gold II" was about more than just aesthetics; it was about capturing the essence of nature’s beauty in a wearable form. The gold symbolizes a touch of human artistry that enhances the natural elegance of the wood. This pendant is a celebration of the natural world and the artistry of simple, yet sophisticated design.

I hope that wearing the "Lacewood Drop Gold II" brings a sense of elegance and connection to nature. It’s a piece that celebrates the unique beauty of lacewood and the warmth of gold, perfect for those who appreciate finely crafted, nature-inspired jewelry. Through this pendant, I aimed to create an accessory that is both distinctive and timeless, capturing the essence of natural elegance in a wearable form.

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