Kumo to Sagiri

Kumo to Sagiri


Kumo to Sagiri means "clouds and mist." Feel like you are looking into a scene from early morning, where the mist has not yet dissipated and the clouds are low.



Kumo to Sagiri means "clouds and mist" and is a marquetry art piece. It is part of Natasha's Kimonos² collection.

The background is walnut. The majority of the kimono is made from figured sycamore. Redwood burl is used for the small curves on the bottom and sleeves. The mist is cherrywood.

These pieces can be displayed in series - as a triptych, for example - or as Natasha displays them: individually, mounted on easels.

Mounting hardware can be installed upon request.

  • Cherrywood
  • Figured Sycamore
  • Redwood Burl
  • Walnut

6" x 6" x 1"