Approximately 3.75" x 2" in dimension. Uses Sycamore, walnut, bleached maple and redwood burl veneer. Sealed with lacquer.


The "Honeycomb" wood marquetry hair clip showcases a beautiful honeycomb pattern, crafted with Sycamore, walnut, bleached maple, and redwood burl veneers. This piece merges the geometric elegance of a honeycomb with the natural beauty of various woods, resulting in a hair clip that is both functional and artistically captivating.

When I created the "Honeycomb" hair clip, I was inspired by the intricate and harmonious structure of honeycombs. The hexagonal pattern, meticulously crafted by bees, represents both nature's efficiency and its beauty. I wanted to capture this essence in a wooden design, blending the precise geometry of the honeycomb with the rich textures and colors of different wood veneers.

The process involved carefully selecting wood veneers to represent the varying shades and textures that I wanted to highlight. Each piece was carefully cut and inlaid to form the detailed hexagonal pattern. Achieving the precise geometry and harmonious balance of the honeycomb required careful attention and a deep appreciation for both the natural and artistic elements. The result is a piece that draws the eye and evokes a sense of natural elegance.

In designing the marquetry hair clip, I focused on creating a composition that emphasizes the geometric beauty of the honeycomb. The combination of Sycamore, walnut, bleached maple, and redwood burl adds depth and richness to the design, creating a harmonious blend of colors and textures. The natural variations in the wood grains enhance the overall visual appeal, making the piece both striking and sophisticated.

Creating the "Honeycomb" hair clip was about more than just depicting a pattern; it was about conveying the intricate and harmonious beauty of nature. This piece is a tribute to the meticulous craftsmanship involved in marquetry and a celebration of nature’s efficient and elegant designs. By crafting this hair clip, I aimed to create a functional piece of art that resonates with those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and the elegance of natural forms.

I hope that wearing the "Honeycomb" hair clip brings a sense of natural elegance and a connection to the beauty of nature. It’s a piece that combines practical use with artistic expression, perfect for those who appreciate finely crafted woodwork and geometric designs. Through this hair clip, I wanted to create an accessory that is both beautiful and meaningful, capturing the essence of the honeycomb in a piece that can be cherished and enjoyed daily.

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