Geta Original Art

Geta Original Art


A study of a traditional Japanese Geisha attire done in graphite pencil. Dimensions are 9" x 11 1/2".



"Geta" is a graphite pencil illustration that measures 9" x 11.5", intricately depicting geta, the traditional Japanese wooden sandals. These sandals are iconic in Japanese culture, particularly associated with geishas and traditional attire. This piece challenged and expanded my attention to detail, capturing the distinct textures and unique design elements of the geta, including the wood grain and the fabric straps.

My inspiration for this piece stems from my appreciation for traditional Japanese culture and fashion. The geta, with their distinctive elevated soles, not only serve a functional purpose but also carry cultural and historical significance. They are designed to keep the wearer’s kimono from touching the ground and to navigate muddy terrain, reflecting practical ingenuity and aesthetic values.

Through this illustration, I explore the balance between functionality and beauty inherent in traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The meticulous rendering of the geta in graphite allows for a nuanced depiction of light and shadow, enhancing the three-dimensionality and texture of the sandals. This piece blends cultural appreciation with artistic skill, bringing to life a small yet significant aspect of Japanese heritage.

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