Floral Walnut Drop Gold

Floral Walnut Drop Gold


Approximately 1" x 2". This floral pendant is made of Walnut and embellished with gold leaf. It is hung on a 18" chain and bail, which are gold plated. An elegant addition to any jewelry collection.


"Floral Walnut Drop Gold" is a stunning piece of wood art featuring a delicate gold leaf floral design and edged with gold leaf. This pendant showcases the rich, dark tones of walnut wood, beautifully contrasted with the shimmering gold accents that create an elegant and timeless piece.

When I created the "Floral Walnut Drop Gold" pendant, I was inspired by the natural elegance of floral patterns and the rich beauty of walnut wood. The intricate floral design in gold leaf represents the delicate and timeless beauty of flowers, while the walnut wood serves as a warm and sophisticated backdrop. The gold leaf edging frames the design perfectly, adding a touch of luxury and refinement.

The process involved carefully selecting a piece walnut wood to ensure a rich and consistent grain. Careful application of gold leaf was needed to create a detailed and harmonious floral pattern, ensuring that each element complemented the natural beauty of the wood. The gold leaf edging was applied with precision to enhance the overall design and add a polished finish.

In designing this pendant, I focused on creating a piece that is both elegant and striking. The floral pattern in gold leaf brings a sense of timeless beauty and sophistication, while the walnut wood adds depth and warmth. The gold leaf frame enhances the pendant's elegance, making it a standout accessory that draws attention to its intricate details.

Creating the "Floral Walnut Drop Gold" pendant was about celebrating the harmony between nature and artistry. This piece is a tribute to the delicate beauty of flowers and the rich elegance of walnut wood, brought together through meticulous craftsmanship. By wearing this pendant, I hope to inspire others to appreciate the natural elegance and refined beauty that can be achieved through thoughtful design.

I hope that wearing the "Floral Walnut Drop Gold" pendant brings a sense of sophistication and connection to nature's beauty. It’s a piece that celebrates the intricate patterns and rich tones found in wood and gold, perfect for those who appreciate nature-inspired jewelry. Through this pendant, I aimed to create an accessory that is both distinctive and evocative, capturing the essence of floral elegance in a wearable form.

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