Crimson Curve

Crimson Curve


Approximately 2" x 1" in dimension. Uses red and white dyed/bleached veneer. Sealed with lacquer. Includes silver plated bail. Chain not included.


"Crimson Curve" is a striking piece of wood marquetry, featuring red and white dyed veneer arranged in a simple yet elegant curved design. This pendant combines bold colors with clean lines, creating a visually captivating and modern piece of wearable art.

When I created the "Crimson Curve" pendant, I was inspired by the power of simplicity and the beauty of bold color contrasts. The curved design symbolizes fluidity and movement, while the red and white hues evoke a sense of energy and purity. I wanted to create a piece that is both dynamic and elegant, showcasing the natural beauty of wood enhanced by vibrant dyes.

The process involved carefully selecting pieces of pre-dyed veneers with grain patterns that flowed with the design. Each piece was meticulously cut and inlaid to form the harmonious curved design. The simplicity of the pattern allows the colors to take center stage, creating a striking visual effect.

In designing this pendant, I focused on the interplay between color and form. The bold red and crisp white veneers create a strong contrast that draws the eye, while the gentle curve adds a sense of grace and movement. The smooth, polished surface enhances the vibrant colors, making the pendant both visually appealing and pleasant to touch.

Creating the "Crimson Curve" pendant was about celebrating the elegance of minimalism and the power of color. This piece is a testament to the beauty that can be found in simple, thoughtful design. By wearing this pendant, I hope to inspire others to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship involved in marquetry and the striking impact of bold color combinations.

I hope that wearing the "Crimson Curve" pendant brings a sense of confidence and sophistication. It’s a piece that celebrates the unique patterns and vibrant colors of dyed veneer, perfect for those who love modern and minimalist jewelry. Through this pendant, I aimed to create an accessory that is both distinctive and evocative, capturing the essence of simple, bold design in a wearable form.

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