Approximately 4" x 2" in dimension. Uses Sycamore and red dyed veneers, and embellished with gold foil. Sealed with lacquer.



"Coral" is a vibrant and intricate hair piece that captures the mesmerizing beauty of coral reefs. The design is rich with detail, featuring delicate, branching patterns that mimic the organic structure of coral. The choice of vibrant red set against the backdrop of pale Sycamore was made to create a striking contrast, emphasizing the intricate details.

Creating "Coral" was a journey into the underwater world that has always fascinated me. I drew inspiration from the intricate and beautiful formations of coral reefs, which are teeming with life and color. These underwater structures are not only visually stunning but also essential to marine ecosystems, providing habitat and protection for countless marine species. The detailed, branching design of the hair clip is my way of paying homage to the complexity and elegance of coral. Each branch and curve is carefully crafted to reflect the natural beauty and delicate architecture of coral formations.

In designing this piece, I aimed to create more than just an accessory. I wanted to encapsulate the essence of the reefs—their fragility, their importance, and their unparalleled beauty. This hair clip serves as a reminder of the wonders of the ocean and the need to protect and preserve these vital ecosystems.

I hope that wearing the "Coral" hair clip evokes a sense of connection to the ocean and an appreciation for the intricate beauty of coral reefs. It's a piece that celebrates nature's artistry and the vibrant life found beneath the sea, designed for those who share a love for the ocean and its many wonders.

This piece is available at Bay 1 Gallery.

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