Coiffure Original Art

Coiffure Original Art


A study of a traditional Japanese Geisha hair style done in graphite pencil. Dimensions 9" x 11 1/2".



"Coiffure" is a graphite pencil illustration measuring 9" x 11.5". This piece captures the traditional Japanese Geisha hairstyle, known for its intricate and elaborate design. The drawing focuses on the fine details of the coiffure, including the complex arrangement of hair, ornaments, and pins that are integral to the Geisha’s appearance.

My inspiration for this piece comes from an admiration for the cultural and historical significance of the Geisha. The hairstyle not only represents beauty but also embodies the discipline, tradition, and artistry of the Geisha culture. Geisha hairstyles are iconic and require great skill and precision to create, reflecting a deep cultural heritage.

Through this detailed piece, I hope to emphasize the craftsmanship involved in these traditional hairstyles. The use of graphite pencil allows for subtle shading and fine lines, capturing the texture and volume of the hair as well as the delicate intricacies of the hair ornaments.

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