Blue Jay Commission

Blue Jay Commission


Approximately 1.75" x 2.25". This tiny piece of art is made from dyed and bleached maple, and walnut, delicately framed in gold leaf. It hangs on a gold plated bail.


The "Blue Jay Commission" pendant is a delicate piece of wood marquetry, depicting a tiny blue jay perched on a branch, framed in gold leaf. This pendant captures the vibrant colors and distinct features of the blue jay, bringing to life the beauty of this beloved bird in a wearable piece of art.

When I created the "Blue Jay Commission" pendant, I was inspired by a loved one's deep admiration for blue jays. Their love for these birds, with their striking blue feathers and lively presence, resonated with me and inspired this design. I aimed to capture the essence of the blue jay, celebrating its beauty and the joy it brings to bird enthusiasts.

The process involved selecting various shades of wood veneer to represent the vibrant blue, white, and black plumage of the blue jay. Each piece was carefully cut and inlaid to form the intricate details of the bird and its perch. The challenge was to capture the lively and dynamic essence of the blue jay while maintaining the natural beauty of the wood.

In designing this pendant, I focused on the blue jay's distinctive features and the grace of its posture. The tiny bird, perched confidently on a branch, symbolizes freedom and the beauty of nature. The detailed marquetry work highlights the craftsmanship involved, making the bird come to life in a strikingly realistic way.

Creating the "Blue Jay Commission" pendant was about more than just capturing the look of the bird; it was about conveying the emotional connection and admiration for the blue jay. This piece is a tribute to the bond between people and nature, and the joy that such connections bring. By wearing this pendant, I hope to inspire others to appreciate the detailed artistry and the natural world it represents.

I hope that wearing the "Blue Jay Commission" pendant brings a sense of joy and connection to nature. It’s a piece that celebrates the vibrant colors and lively spirit of the blue jay, perfect for those who cherish nature-inspired jewelry. Through this pendant, I aimed to create an accessory that is both beautiful and meaningful, capturing the essence of a loved one's favorite bird in a wearable form.

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  • Dyed Maple
  • Walnut