Ambrosia Maple Silver I

Ambrosia Maple Silver I


Approximately 2" x 1.5". Made of Ambrosia Maple and embellished with silver leaf. 18" Chain and bail are silver plated. An elegant addition to any jewelry collection.



The "Ambrosia Maple Silver I" is a striking piece that elegantly highlights the natural beauty of ambrosia maple wood, complemented by a delicate silver leaf trim. The pendants clean lines showcases the unique grain patterns and characteristic streaks of ambrosia maple, with a delicate band of silver leaf on its edge. The polished finish enhances the wood's natural luster, adding a touch of sophistication.

When I created the "Ambrosia Maple Silver I," I felt inspired by the distinctive patterns of ambrosia maple. The wood's unique streaks, formed by the ambrosia beetle, create captivating, organic designs that tell a story of nature's artistry. I aimed to highlight these natural features while incorporating a modern element with the silver leaf.

The shape of the pendant was chosen to emphasize the linear flow of the wood grain, allowing the natural patterns to stand out. The silver leaf, adds a contemporary touch that contrasts beautifully with the warm tones of the maple. This combination of natural beauty and refined craftsmanship results in a piece that feels both timeless and modern.

In designing this pendant, my focus was on celebrating the unique character of ambrosia maple. Each piece of wood is different, with its own distinct markings, making every pendant one-of-a-kind. The addition of silver serves to enhance the wood's beauty, creating a harmonious blend of natural and man-made elements.

Creating the "Ambrosia Maple Silver I" was about more than just showcasing the wood; it was about telling a story of transformation and beauty. The ambrosia maple, with its unique history and patterns, represents the unexpected beauty that can come from nature's processes. The silver leaf symbolizes the touch of human artistry that enhances this natural beauty.

I hope that wearing the "Ambrosia Maple Silver I" brings a sense of connection to nature and an appreciation for unique, handcrafted art. This piece is a celebration of the intricate patterns found in ambrosia maple and the elegance of silver, perfect for those who value natural beauty and sophisticated design. Through this pendant, I wanted to create a piece that is both distinctive and meaningful, capturing the essence of nature's artistry in a wearable form.

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